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HR Policy

LCN adheres to the principle of People-Oriented. From the very beginning of LCN establishment,LCN has really cared about talents, and provided all kinds of opportunities to develop themselves and their careers. Talents are encouraged to realize their value and make best contributions to LCN.

Incentive Mechanism is a HR management system, motivating and restraining employees, inspiring their potentials and implementing dynamic competition. By training employees and creating incentive, restraint and competition mechanism, like competing for positions and optimized combination, LCN selects, hires, educates and retains employees. LCN arouses enthusiasm of employees, supports reasonable competition within the company, inspires their potentials, develops individual abilities, enhances their dedication to wok and professional ethics, enhances corporate cohesion, and promotes LCN constant development. 

LCN made a series of policies about employees’ performance appraisal, awarding those who made some achievements and gained some skills. Now the incentive method of performance appraisal has been acknowledged and accepted by all employees. LCN management pays attention to communication with employees, collecting employees’ evaluation of LCN fully, developing positively and improving employees’ satisfaction constantly. 

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